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Hot & Sunny Productions LLC was formed in 2014 by Jennifer Blei Stockman and Debi Wisch to develop content about the art world for television, film and print. The principals are both passionate about the company’s mission to deliver intimate and immersive explorations of this world so that audiences of all ages and socio economic levels can understand why and how art matters.  They are also hoping that their work serves as a platform to promote better access to and awareness of the arts at universities, museums and smaller communities. With this shared commitment, they joined forces and pooled more than 50 years of combined experience in art, business, marketing and the not-for-profit world. On this production, Hot & Sunny provided full access to the art world and its various players from artists, gallerists, collectors, art historians and auctioneers and helped to shape the complex and layered stories within the film. They also developed and will continue to oversee the implementation of sponsorships in conjunction with the film that will expand the audience for the film and also create revenue streams to demonstrate how documentary films can be both powerful tools of communication and viable business opportunities.  Their other Producing credits include Love, Cecil, a film by Lisa Immordino Vreeland about Cecil Beaton that premiered at the 2017 Telluride Film Festival. Hot & Sunny currently has productions in development about the challenges faced by female artists and another about emerging artists, as well as a book project.

Anthos Media LLC has been producing documentary feature films since 2007. The company was co-founded by Carla Solomon and she is currently the company’s sole principal. Anthos’ producing credits include Particle Fever (producer); The New Public (executive producer); Colliding Dreams (in association with) Thank You For Your Service  (impact producer); and Letters from Baghdad (consulting producer) about Gertrude Bell—the early 20th century British spy, explorer and political powerhouse who drew the boundaries of today’s Iraq. In addition to producing films to engage broadest audiences, a key dimension of the Anthos mission is to raise curiosity and awareness, broaden public discourse and stimulate other forms of social impact. As a film, The Price of Everything touches on the challenges today’s artists face in finding ways to achieve creative goals and sustain themselves in the face of today’s art market pressures and temptations. Anthos has forged a primary outreach and funding partnership with the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and created a social outreach plan designed to increase awareness of and access to an extensive set of tools helping artists to thrive. A screening/dialogue program for MFA programs and working artist organizations is the second component of the outreach plan. With this plan in place and the support of Tremaine and other lead foundations, The Price of Everything has the opportunity to create an enduring impact on artists and those who work with them—increasing awareness, dialogue, and access to resources supporting the development of independent professional pathways towards creative goals. Current Anthos projects include participation in Creative Chaos’  Post-Truth (in production), about the birth of the “fake news” phenomenon, and a film about the college mental health crisis.