How The Price of Everything Can Help Artists Everywhere

In the words of these characters appearing in The Price of Everything, It’s really hard to thrive as an artist in today’s fast-paced market. Seeing the film and having a dialogue about the issues it raises and reflects is a great first step in bringing more visibility to these challenges—and making the changes needed for today’s artists to have greater voice and agency. We began a screening campaign during the theatrical release of The Price of Everything.

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The Price of Everything, together with the conversations it inspires, can galvanize audiences to bring into the public dialogue the challenges today’s artists encounter in an increasingly commodified market and world—with the goal of changing these conditions so that all artists have the opportunity to thrive.

Armed with this conviction as inspiration and with the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation as our lead outreach partner, the film team initiated a screening campaign during its theatrical release in the fall of 2019. The campaign had several key components:

  • Subsidized screenings and Q/A’s in partnership with artist organizations and university training programs  in local communities, enabling their constituencies to see the film in theaters free of charge and have dialogues about the issues it raises.

  • Viewer guide, for interactive use on our website and as downloadable PDF, that includes instructions for hosting a screening in your community and suggested topics for discussion.   

  • Online audience response questionnaire.

  • Online artist professional development resources and tools.

Find out how your university training program or artist organization can join the campaign by emailing us at